Our Technology:
TargEted Neutrophil Nanoparticles (TENNs)

Modulation of Diseased Neutrophils Using Targeted Payload Delivery

We generated a targeted neutrophil nanoparticle platform (TENNs) that preferentially doses the activated neutrophil population in chronic disease

When administered in-vivo, the targeted nanoparticles specifically modulate neutrophils but do not ablate them, avoiding neutropenia

The technology is a platform for numerous diseases

Key Advantages

Neutrophils are a large and highly mobile cell population with rapid turnover
TENNs specifically target neutrophils throughout the body and have long bioavalability

Requires modulation and not ablation which leads to neutropenia
TENNs use drugs targeting specific disease mechanisms that do not ablate neutrophils

Requires a non-toxic neutrophil modulating agents
TENNs deliver concentrated drug to the neutrophils preventing toxicity

Proof of Concept:

  • 3rd leading cause of death, $12B market
  • Neutrophils have a central role in the initiation and propagation of COPD
  • Neutrophils release ROS, degranulation and NETs exacerbating COPD
  • It is well established that modulation of neutrophil function is likely to benefit patient
  • There is currently no FDA approved drug that specifically targets neutrophils in COPD
  • Current COPD drugs alleviate symptoms but do not treat the cause of the disease

Our goal: To treat COPD by modulating neutrophil function

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