A New Paradigm for Immune Modulation

Immunyx is a drug development company focused on neutrophil modulation in disease.

The Challenge:
Neutrophil Therapy

Neutrophils are the most populous immune cell, yet few advances have been made in modulating their disease-causing activity.

Large pharma is working on neutrophil therapies such as Danirixin and Navarixin.

Currently there are no FDA approved neutrophil therapies due to Neutropenia, systemic toxicity and difficulty reaching neutrophils at target location.


The Need

Effective and safe treatments to prevent deregulated neutrophil damage in numerous large market diseases.


251m Cases
3.1m Deaths
$11B Market


27.5m Cases
9.6m Deaths
$158B Market


9m Cases
$10.25B Market


20m Cases
$60B Market

Our Technology:
Modulating Neutrophil Toxicity in Chronic Disease

Neutrophil modulation using novel pharmacological approaches